Photo diary #9

It has been such a long time since I've done a photo diary post! Why did I even call it photo diary? I think it should have been called picture diary, but oh well let's just go with the flow.
So, since it has been such a while -like, over a half year ago? shame on you girl- I think I won't upload every single picture I've made since then. I'll do the most 'exciting' ones. Warning ; these pictures might not be seen as an excitement to you guys out there. Sorry in advance. I hope you still like it, though! I love me some good old stalking on others, so ; here you go! A chance to stalk my amazing -without sarcasm, actually- life!

Delicious goatcheese salad

Performing with 2 lovely girls in the local theatre

My new -well, they aren't that new anymore- boots!

My delicious smoothie while catching up with a friend, who's now doing volunteer work thingies in Nepal! How awesome!

A very healthy lunch, don'you think? 


A usual saterday/sunday breakfast at home! Love these moments!

Me being incredibly happy? 

Me being incredibly happy again with my Swirl -some sort of icecream you can create yourself- and my lovely boyfriend Jim 

No description needed <3!

My just cleaned desk -that doesn't look this way anymore at this moment-

Me studying -this picture referres to the last 4 weeks- Yay for finals! 

My picture in the local newspaper! Jim and I performed some songs at a thing called 'Swanpop Unplugged' in Zevenhuizen -a little city near where I live- and it was so much fun! We were very proud, because in this little article they are very praisful about us!

Me -weirdy faced- with my new Zara jacket and scarf. This was actually this morning, I was scared for my final exam French. Which turned out to be horrible, but I hope that's just a feeling.

Tonight 'yeah finals are over' dinner with my lovely mom! I had a veggie quiche, which still fills by stomach like crazy, I think I won't even be hungry tomorrow for breakfast! And seriously, if you know me, that's a miracle.

I don't really like this picture because my face seems a little weird and my eyes begun living their own lives but it's just.. me looking at Jim and Jim looking back.. Gives me butterflies, to get the cheesy-ness going! 

Well, these were the pictures I wanted to show you! I hope I've updated you a little now?
Love and kisses! 

New product in ; Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Topcoat

Well hello there lovely little monkeys! 

First, I have to tell you that my exams did go quite well. The last one though, French, was supposed to be made today. But, some stupid kid in the Netherlands had to steal the exam from his or her school to prove that the Dutch education has to get better or something. Anyhow, I have to make my French exam tomorrow.

Let's get back to the point. Today I went shopping with my mom to get all of the French-stress out of my head. We drove to Rotterdam. I had to switch a Zara jacket -which I absolute love, but the zipper was broken, now I fortunately have a new one- and I went to Primark, but.. guys, seriously, I can't function in that store! I get all sweaty and anxious and it's just not my thing all these people pushing me aside and stuff ; me with my everlasting polite smile, 'cause I don't want anyone to think I am a mean person or something. So, I almost ran out of that store and than I visited some other clothing stores, but today just wasn't my day! So, I went to the drugstore and spent lots of money.. The first thing I am going to show you -I will do a shoplog later on this week- is this nailthing.

Sally Hansen is a brand that makes everything around nails. I love doing my nails, but my nailpolish always chips like crazy and that is one of my biggest pet-peeves. So, to overcome this horrible situation, I wanted to buy a more 'high end' top coat to prevent my nailpolish from chipping and scratching and stuff. I have heard of this through some of my favorite Youtubers, FleurdeForce and Missglamorazzi. So I thought, well, this thing is very expensive for a nailpolish (€10,-) but I would really love my nailpolish not to chip! So I took the chance, brought it home, painted my nails and I am waiting for some miracle to happen. I will update you on my discovery soon! 

Love, and good luck for all the other Frenchies out there tomorrow! We can conquer it! 

By the way, I typed this post on my iPhone so there might be many typo's in here, I am ever so sorry.

Exams post #7

Goodmorning lovelies!

Here I am again, still alive! Yesterday, my Dutch exam went kind of well. I did my very very best, but it was very hard. I wasn't the only one thinking that way about it, because in the newspaper and on the news people said that there were many complaints about the difficultness of our exam (pre-university students).

How did I manage my nervousness? Not, actually. Well, I was nervous, shaking, not wanting to sit on that stupid plastic chair anymore, but when I began I was concentrated for 3 hours straight. I just sat there and time flew by. Fortunately, because 3 hours of complete 'dis-concentration' and struggle would have been horrible. Especially because this was our first one.

Today, I have the day off and I will concentrate on the next 2 exams, which are art and economics. Let's face it ; those two aren't my best subjects either. But I hope to just rock them.

I have to go now, I want to really make my day useful! Hope you guys are having a good day!
By the way, my mom has an exam today too! She did a study -yes, at her age- and has to finish it today. It's communicatio, of course. I'm just like my mom. I wish her the bestest of luck!


Exams post #6 - Starting today!

Good morning lovelies.

Today, it is happening. I am so nervous. I cried for like, 3 times already and I'm nauseous like I have been eating a hundred packets of m&m's or something. Today I am starting with my Dutch exam. We have to answer questions related to a high quality text -let's just call it high quality, because a normal text doesn't seem difficult, which it definitely is- and we have to make a summary from another text. This summary has to contain several 'points' and you have to write in 100% correct Dutch and stay between the word-amount-borders, or something. 

So, I'm sitting here, being horribly nervous. I have to leave home at 12.30. So, right now I'm blogging, then I will go paint my nails, get my lazy ass on the eliptical for half an hour, get a 'relaxing' bath, take my anti-stress pills -which are homeopathic, don't worry- and get on my bike. And ofcourse, lovely Netherlands, it's raining the whole day. PARTY.

Meanwhile, my lovely boyfriend -who will have to make these exams next year- is sending me calming messages! By the way, he bought me good-luck-pens! I will make all of my exams with them, hoping that they help me staying all cool and relaxed. Alright, I don't think that will actually happen. I'm very superstitious, which is why I am painting my nails with 2 colours ; one I got from my mom once, the other one -that obviously matches the other colour- I got from my girlfriends for my 18th birthday. I will also bring a picture of me, my dad, mom and Jim in Aruba last summer. 

I made little good luck notes for my friends, because I wanted them to know that I believe in them. I hope they believe in me too.

If you guys out there are also having stressful times, you are not alone.

Much love!

Exams post #5


There I am again, yes it's that time of the day. Me not wanting to go to bed because I am having this urge to get my creative energy out? Or something? I just totally made that up.
Anyways, I was just thinking, like maybe 2 seconds ago, that next year I will be talking English almost every single day on my new school. I'm actually looking forward to it! Although it's kinda scary, I know that I will get better at it when time progresses.

So, here I am again, like I already told you. I have the bad habit of repeating useless stuff. Today wasn't thàt productive, but still it kinda was. I did a math exam, a 'practise' one, and seriously, I am not going to get a good grade on that. No mister, no. But, at least I can say I did the best I could. I still have something like a week or so, so no worries in my head for that one yet! I have the most amazing private math teacher, called my dad!

The worries I do have are actually not very school-related. I worry about
- Me not wanting to put my bikini on because I gained weight..
- Me not wanting to go out and buy myself a prom dress because I'm afraid not looking good
(This is actually kinda getting very personal, but hey, I have an open personalilty. And I know I'm not the only one out here having these issues).
- Me not passing my exams (alright, a school-related one)
- Me not having nice people around me next year on my new school (alright, a second school-related one, but on the social part)

I just pretended visiting Jim in Zeeland by sending him a picture from Google maps sattelite option thingy. Makes me smile. I miss him.

Anyways, this was it I guess. Tomorrow, I have to get al of my stuff together and spend my day making economics exams!


Exams post #4

Well, hello possible but lovely prograstinators!
-I always tend to hope that I'm not the only one behaving badly-

So, hi there! It has been a while, but as you know, I have good reasons for that. Anyways, I was hoping to be able telling you how awesome everything is going. But, I'm not perfect, nothing is, and it will never be. So, here am I, telling you that..

- The studyproces is progressing very slowly
- I wish I had more time to spend with friends while the weather is so lovely
- I won't have such an addiction to dark chocolate sprinkles
- I would have the time to go for long walks
- I was able to blog more (and have more inspiration)
- etc..

But, I can also point out the positive things, maybe? Like ; I am lucky that the sun in shining over here and that I can get my butt out in the sun while making a Dutch exam -to practise ofcourse-.
Or that my mom is the sweetest by making me freshly blended smoothies every day? Or that my lovely boyfriend came by for 2,5 hours yesterday, just to cheer me up a little. The upcoming days he will be gone to his dad in 'Zeeland', which makes me kind of sad because he the only one able to make me laugh out loud while being in such a stressful periode like this one.

By the way, yesterday evening I had this, like, amazingly big urge to clean and organise my stuff. So, what did I do in stead of giving my body -and brain- the rest that it needed, I jump around like a monkey throwing useless stuff away and making a 'picture-board-thing' to reach my goal. This goal is called ; count my blessings. I want to be more aware of the things I did in my life, people I have around me and the value these things/memories/people have. Isn't that a good thing?

Right now, I'm listening to this some sort of radio station that picks out songs for me that resemble the songs I like and then I'm able to find 'new' music. Untill this point, it isn't realy working yet. I'm very picky about my music, though. Do you guys are picky about music?

I find it funny, by the way, that I know that there are little people reading my blog, but I keep asking question in my posts like I am reaching a whole bunch of like, 100 people out there. Yeah. LOL. Alright, I hate that 'word'. I'm such a weirdo for actually using it!

So, this was what I needed. Just blabbing around about nothing really useful. Everything I do these days seems to be, or needs to be, useful. This is just ; without a goal. NO. It's not. My goal is to make you smile and maybe, feel better about yourself by reading that I am a total failure when it comes to eathing clean and learning. The only things that are kind of working out are

- Me counting my blessings
- Me getting a tan without getting sunburned
- Me taking good care of my body smuthering it with body lotion twice a day
- Me painting my nails without ruining it before it has even dried
- Me loving Jim (and friends and family)
- Me doing ab workouts every day
- Me working out each day
- ..

Alright, there acutally are some things that WORK OUT! I have to stop being so judgy on myself. And you need to too. Now. You're beautiful. You're succesful. You're worth it.

Bye now.

- Love you all! You can do this, keep it up! -

Seriously, this radio station I was talking about is giving me, yes it is May, a christmas song right now?! Say what?! It sounds nice though. I actually like it! It's I will be home for christmas from Dave Barnes! Bye, seriousl bye right now.