Exams post #4

Well, hello possible but lovely prograstinators!
-I always tend to hope that I'm not the only one behaving badly-

So, hi there! It has been a while, but as you know, I have good reasons for that. Anyways, I was hoping to be able telling you how awesome everything is going. But, I'm not perfect, nothing is, and it will never be. So, here am I, telling you that..

- The studyproces is progressing very slowly
- I wish I had more time to spend with friends while the weather is so lovely
- I won't have such an addiction to dark chocolate sprinkles
- I would have the time to go for long walks
- I was able to blog more (and have more inspiration)
- etc..

But, I can also point out the positive things, maybe? Like ; I am lucky that the sun in shining over here and that I can get my butt out in the sun while making a Dutch exam -to practise ofcourse-.
Or that my mom is the sweetest by making me freshly blended smoothies every day? Or that my lovely boyfriend came by for 2,5 hours yesterday, just to cheer me up a little. The upcoming days he will be gone to his dad in 'Zeeland', which makes me kind of sad because he the only one able to make me laugh out loud while being in such a stressful periode like this one.

By the way, yesterday evening I had this, like, amazingly big urge to clean and organise my stuff. So, what did I do in stead of giving my body -and brain- the rest that it needed, I jump around like a monkey throwing useless stuff away and making a 'picture-board-thing' to reach my goal. This goal is called ; count my blessings. I want to be more aware of the things I did in my life, people I have around me and the value these things/memories/people have. Isn't that a good thing?

Right now, I'm listening to this some sort of radio station that picks out songs for me that resemble the songs I like and then I'm able to find 'new' music. Untill this point, it isn't realy working yet. I'm very picky about my music, though. Do you guys are picky about music?

I find it funny, by the way, that I know that there are little people reading my blog, but I keep asking question in my posts like I am reaching a whole bunch of like, 100 people out there. Yeah. LOL. Alright, I hate that 'word'. I'm such a weirdo for actually using it!

So, this was what I needed. Just blabbing around about nothing really useful. Everything I do these days seems to be, or needs to be, useful. This is just ; without a goal. NO. It's not. My goal is to make you smile and maybe, feel better about yourself by reading that I am a total failure when it comes to eathing clean and learning. The only things that are kind of working out are

- Me counting my blessings
- Me getting a tan without getting sunburned
- Me taking good care of my body smuthering it with body lotion twice a day
- Me painting my nails without ruining it before it has even dried
- Me loving Jim (and friends and family)
- Me doing ab workouts every day
- Me working out each day
- ..

Alright, there acutally are some things that WORK OUT! I have to stop being so judgy on myself. And you need to too. Now. You're beautiful. You're succesful. You're worth it.

Bye now.

- Love you all! You can do this, keep it up! -

Seriously, this radio station I was talking about is giving me, yes it is May, a christmas song right now?! Say what?! It sounds nice though. I actually like it! It's I will be home for christmas from Dave Barnes! Bye, seriousl bye right now.

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