Exams post #5


There I am again, yes it's that time of the day. Me not wanting to go to bed because I am having this urge to get my creative energy out? Or something? I just totally made that up.
Anyways, I was just thinking, like maybe 2 seconds ago, that next year I will be talking English almost every single day on my new school. I'm actually looking forward to it! Although it's kinda scary, I know that I will get better at it when time progresses.

So, here I am again, like I already told you. I have the bad habit of repeating useless stuff. Today wasn't thàt productive, but still it kinda was. I did a math exam, a 'practise' one, and seriously, I am not going to get a good grade on that. No mister, no. But, at least I can say I did the best I could. I still have something like a week or so, so no worries in my head for that one yet! I have the most amazing private math teacher, called my dad!

The worries I do have are actually not very school-related. I worry about
- Me not wanting to put my bikini on because I gained weight..
- Me not wanting to go out and buy myself a prom dress because I'm afraid not looking good
(This is actually kinda getting very personal, but hey, I have an open personalilty. And I know I'm not the only one out here having these issues).
- Me not passing my exams (alright, a school-related one)
- Me not having nice people around me next year on my new school (alright, a second school-related one, but on the social part)

I just pretended visiting Jim in Zeeland by sending him a picture from Google maps sattelite option thingy. Makes me smile. I miss him.

Anyways, this was it I guess. Tomorrow, I have to get al of my stuff together and spend my day making economics exams!


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