Exams post #6 - Starting today!

Good morning lovelies.

Today, it is happening. I am so nervous. I cried for like, 3 times already and I'm nauseous like I have been eating a hundred packets of m&m's or something. Today I am starting with my Dutch exam. We have to answer questions related to a high quality text -let's just call it high quality, because a normal text doesn't seem difficult, which it definitely is- and we have to make a summary from another text. This summary has to contain several 'points' and you have to write in 100% correct Dutch and stay between the word-amount-borders, or something. 

So, I'm sitting here, being horribly nervous. I have to leave home at 12.30. So, right now I'm blogging, then I will go paint my nails, get my lazy ass on the eliptical for half an hour, get a 'relaxing' bath, take my anti-stress pills -which are homeopathic, don't worry- and get on my bike. And ofcourse, lovely Netherlands, it's raining the whole day. PARTY.

Meanwhile, my lovely boyfriend -who will have to make these exams next year- is sending me calming messages! By the way, he bought me good-luck-pens! I will make all of my exams with them, hoping that they help me staying all cool and relaxed. Alright, I don't think that will actually happen. I'm very superstitious, which is why I am painting my nails with 2 colours ; one I got from my mom once, the other one -that obviously matches the other colour- I got from my girlfriends for my 18th birthday. I will also bring a picture of me, my dad, mom and Jim in Aruba last summer. 

I made little good luck notes for my friends, because I wanted them to know that I believe in them. I hope they believe in me too.

If you guys out there are also having stressful times, you are not alone.

Much love!

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