Exams post #7

Goodmorning lovelies!

Here I am again, still alive! Yesterday, my Dutch exam went kind of well. I did my very very best, but it was very hard. I wasn't the only one thinking that way about it, because in the newspaper and on the news people said that there were many complaints about the difficultness of our exam (pre-university students).

How did I manage my nervousness? Not, actually. Well, I was nervous, shaking, not wanting to sit on that stupid plastic chair anymore, but when I began I was concentrated for 3 hours straight. I just sat there and time flew by. Fortunately, because 3 hours of complete 'dis-concentration' and struggle would have been horrible. Especially because this was our first one.

Today, I have the day off and I will concentrate on the next 2 exams, which are art and economics. Let's face it ; those two aren't my best subjects either. But I hope to just rock them.

I have to go now, I want to really make my day useful! Hope you guys are having a good day!
By the way, my mom has an exam today too! She did a study -yes, at her age- and has to finish it today. It's communicatio, of course. I'm just like my mom. I wish her the bestest of luck!


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