Photo diary #9

It has been such a long time since I've done a photo diary post! Why did I even call it photo diary? I think it should have been called picture diary, but oh well let's just go with the flow.
So, since it has been such a while -like, over a half year ago? shame on you girl- I think I won't upload every single picture I've made since then. I'll do the most 'exciting' ones. Warning ; these pictures might not be seen as an excitement to you guys out there. Sorry in advance. I hope you still like it, though! I love me some good old stalking on others, so ; here you go! A chance to stalk my amazing -without sarcasm, actually- life!

Delicious goatcheese salad

Performing with 2 lovely girls in the local theatre

My new -well, they aren't that new anymore- boots!

My delicious smoothie while catching up with a friend, who's now doing volunteer work thingies in Nepal! How awesome!

A very healthy lunch, don'you think? 


A usual saterday/sunday breakfast at home! Love these moments!

Me being incredibly happy? 

Me being incredibly happy again with my Swirl -some sort of icecream you can create yourself- and my lovely boyfriend Jim 

No description needed <3!

My just cleaned desk -that doesn't look this way anymore at this moment-

Me studying -this picture referres to the last 4 weeks- Yay for finals! 

My picture in the local newspaper! Jim and I performed some songs at a thing called 'Swanpop Unplugged' in Zevenhuizen -a little city near where I live- and it was so much fun! We were very proud, because in this little article they are very praisful about us!

Me -weirdy faced- with my new Zara jacket and scarf. This was actually this morning, I was scared for my final exam French. Which turned out to be horrible, but I hope that's just a feeling.

Tonight 'yeah finals are over' dinner with my lovely mom! I had a veggie quiche, which still fills by stomach like crazy, I think I won't even be hungry tomorrow for breakfast! And seriously, if you know me, that's a miracle.

I don't really like this picture because my face seems a little weird and my eyes begun living their own lives but it's just.. me looking at Jim and Jim looking back.. Gives me butterflies, to get the cheesy-ness going! 

Well, these were the pictures I wanted to show you! I hope I've updated you a little now?
Love and kisses! 

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