Finally graduated!

Hello lovelies out there!

I wanted to do a quick update post -yes, in the deepest middle of the night, I will tell you the reason why soon- because Thursday I finally graduated pre-univeristy high school! I have good grades and I'm so happy! Now my summervacation can officially begin and I can start thinking about my new study next year! I'm looking forward to it like crazy! It's so exciting! And some more exciting news ; I have a job as a waitress, which I actually find very fun! And, right now, I'm looking at my new HP PC Envy, which is my new baby! I got this computer/tablet from my mom and dad for my graduation and because my actual laptop is such a big thing, it would never fit on my study desk at my new school! That's why I have this lovely mini thing right now! It has Windows 8 on it, which is something I still have to get used to. I think it will take a while to handle. And because I love this thing so much, I'm just sitting here in the middle of the night wanting to use it. I'm such a dorky little girl.

So, last week I spent in France, Cannes to be exact, with 5 lovely girls. We had so much fun and I even got a tan! I will post some pictures as soon as I can! I think it's a smart thing to just put my baby away now.
I hope you're all having a great week so far!


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