Yes, my lovely monkeys, I'm still alive and I genuinly hope you are too! I haven't blogged for a very long time, but I was too busy doing this so called 'sunshien dances' hopeing that would make the sun come out and shine for once here in the Netherlands! Guess what ; it helped! The last few days we had such lovely weather over here! So, today I went to Gouda with one of my best friends, Michelle, and I seriously like, went into the drugstore and bought almost the whole store. At least, that's what it felt like! In this shoplog I also put some things -SHOES!- I bought earlier this week, or no, last week -having time off make me forget days and weeks etc, perks of being a student on vacation- in Amsterdam when I went with a good friend of mine. Which was lots of fun, by the way. I got to help him shop and because my lovely boyfriend doesn't really like clothes that much, I was very happy that Jasper did. So, here is my shoplog! I think I also will be posting an 'life update' blog soon. Because, yeah, that's just a must.

My new VANS! These shoes just fit my feet like they were made for them. And let these babies be in my favourite colour -as you can see ; my walls even are this greeny colour-.

A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do ; shaving cream people! It says it is for sensitive skin, and because I am really sensitive with shaving and stuff, I hope this might reduce the redness etc.

Some stuff for my hairrrr ; Zwitsal is a brand especially made for babies. This stuff is just some soft lotion which smells SO heavenly good -if you're a Dutchie you know what I'm raving about-. This is just for those days that I want to make my hair soft and smelly -in a good way-.
The pink bottle was quite expensive, but I have been wanting to try it for a very long time. It's the Lee Stanford salt spray. And because I've curly hair, salt makes my hair look crunchy and beachy and I really like that lookI I will let you know how it works out for me.
The two twinsie-bottles on the right are just my usual kind of 'curls please be kind and stay in place' spray. Lovely. Needed it. It was 'buy one get one free'.. Why not!

Because it's summer and I need to use sunscreen protect stuff on my face, my face get's a little more pimple-y. So, I bought a new cleanser. But, that one is very agressive -it's expecially for a pimple-y face-. Another thing, my skin doesn't like the sun that much. I get like, red spots all over my body, which itches like crazy.. I'm like, how is it called again, allergic to the sun or something? I have many litle bottles of stuff for that ; doesn't help that well. So, back to the face. My skin didn't really respond well on the more agressive cleanser, so I bought this one. It's quite high-endy and I hope it will do my skin good.

Now some exciting make-up kinda stuff. On the left ; this lipbalm will be quite familiar for those who live in the UK or US, but for us Dutchies, this is a newbie in drugstores. When I saw it, I was like I have to get that. I did. I didn't open it yet, but I have very high expectations. 
The second thingie is just a nailpolish basecoat. Very normal for a girl like me.
Than I have bought me some BB-cream. So, I don't know if I will like it. I have never owned one before. I will keep you updated on that.
The last thing, but not least ofcourse, is a lipstick. Now I don't wear lipstick that often, because I actually only have quite red-ish tints. But now, this one right here, it a bit more on the nude-side. 

Than I bought an grey-brownish eyeshadow that I always use to fill in my eyebrows. As an eyeshadow the product is horrible, but as an eyebrown-fill-in-powder ; great stuff.
Next to it there's something like a Maybelline colour eye tattoo, but less expensive. This is a cream eyeshadow. It's a bit taupy I believe. I like the colour anyways. I think I'll be going to use that as an eyeliner, because I don't have the guts yet to wear eyeshadow on a daily basis. Or on any other basis.. 

These cute little baggies I also bought when I was in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the only city that 'contains' a Brandy Melville store over here in Dutchie-land, so I went there.. Well, you'd expect me to buy all the clothes and stuff, but I just came back with these two. Oh well, they're cute, right?

Lastly I have this simple pink make-up baggy that is water resistant so that my phone and iPod etc. won't get all dirty and watery when I'm going to the beach and stuff. 

Lovelies, I hope you liked this shoplog. Maybe you've got some shop-inspiration yourself now. 'Cause, who doesn't love shopping? I will get going now, I have to pack my stuff because I'm going to Zeeland for a few days! 

Much love and kisses,

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