Update | Back in town / to school

Hello there you lovely monkeys in front of some sort of a screen!

I'm back in town. But, I'm sure you've read this already, being the title of this post.
And, I'm going back to school -newsflash-.
Tomorrow, I will be sitting in a train, being extremely nervous and hoping that my new ICM classmates, who I will be talking English to -scary!-, will like me. I really hope so!
I am very excited to meet them! So, this upcoming week is like cheese with a lot of holes, called gatenkaas in Dutch. Tomorrow I'll have an introduction-day at school. Thursday I'm going to visit Delft with my classmates. On Friday I'll be going school-supply-shopping with the one and only Jim in Utrecht. During the weekend I'm supposed to see my 8 lovely girl-'gang'-friends again, but I don't know if this date is still on the planning. And the other days I will just relax, I guess.

Next week I'll have some parties -because I'm a real student now- and then on the 6th of September school actually starts. I'm excited for the study I'm doing now. I really, truly like to start with this after having free time for 3 months now! Yeah, I'm a nerd like that. Besides, I just love the subjects and classes I'll be having. So different from economics -BLUHG- and math, you know.

So, back to my right-now-life ; it felt so great, so so so great, to spend the last 3/4 days with Jim. I'd been missing him so much. I really think I could spend my whole life with this kid, I really do.
Anyways, let's not dive to deep into the future Stella.

Being girly, I just painted my nails. I hope they still look presentable after rambling on my laptop for 5 minutes already. 5 minutes isn't that long, actually. Imagine me sitting here for an hour. You're so lucky I don't have time for that, haha.

I think I'll be going now! My bed is waiting! Although I'm afraid I can't fall asleep.. Nervousness.

Bye now, big kiss!

USA part 11 | Newport, Santa Monica and Hollywood

Hello dear lovelies that still find the courage to read my blog!

Here I am again! I want to update you guys on some amazing things I've seeing the past 2 days! These places I've been were awesome! Especially Hollywood and Santa Monica! We did a hop-on-hop-of-tour with a bus around Hollywood and all of it's famous parts and buildings! We also went to Santa Monica, which has a lovely pier into the see where we ate a delicious sandwhich with some fries -best I've had over here in the US so far-. Well let's hop right in to the pictures! 

This is about it! I've made more picutes, but these are the most fun ones for you to see!


USA part 10 | Laguna Beach

Hello lovelies!

It has been a while since I have written to you guys! Right now, I just woke up in my soft hotel bed instead of the RV bed! This is much better, but I miss our RV though! It was fun and cosy! We returned the RV yesterday, went to Anaheim -where the hotel is, it's like, next to Disneyland!- and we drove to my mothers old friend Peter who lives here! She met him when she was 15 and he was 18 and it was so fun to see him and his family! His wife Annemarie and his three kids Gareth, Erica and Amy! They were all older thab J am but we had fun! The 'kids' and I drove to Laguna Beach and sat down watching the sun go down and eating some little snacks and drinks -I am underaged over here, but that actually was fine by me-.
Later we drove back and had a delicious bbq! I did not make any pictures of the bbq and of the family but my mom did so maybe I can post that later on! 
Let me show you Laguna Beach! 

Today is a relax-day! I think I'm going to the hotel gym though.. I can use a workout since yesterday's bbq was not very healthy hahaha! I will keep updating you guys! In four nights I will be home again! I can't wait seeing Jim again! But my time here is amazing so.. I will keep enjoying it to the fullest! I hope you are too!


USA part 9 | Vegas baby!

Hastalavista y'all! 
-trying to be funny over here..- 

So, yesterday we arrived in Las Vegas! It is my first time here I can remember -I've been here before but I was 10 months old back them so ehhhh, don't remember anything at all- and it's crazy! It really is! The Strip is filled with

- Crazy and extraordinary big hotels
- Casino's. duh. 
- Fast food
- People handing erotic folders and flyers to all men passing by (even my dad, who said 'I already have two girls here'hahaha) 
- Cars
- (unfortunately) a lot of homeless people 

I made some pictures yesterday! I wanted to capture all the lights but it's very hard getting it in picture so I'm so sorry for the bad quality! 

This is the Venetian

Much love,

USA part 8 | Zion!

Hello there!

First, a big kiss from me to you! 
Then, an adventure update post! 'Cause I just like making al of my posts a bit different! Maybe that's more fun to read! 

.. We've been cooking! Actually, BBQ'ing! And it is so delicious and simple! Just a salad, corn on the cob -cooked and steamed and SO delicious, but not the thing to eat on a first date let me tell ya!- 

.. And this was our delicious breakfast!

.. We saw these little babies coming very close! 

.. We have seen the beautiful landscape of the Zion Natural Park! -of course- 

.. I did a hike with my dad called the 'Watchman Trail' very early in the morning! It was an uphill trial and it took us 1,5 hour I believe to do the whole thing! But it was beautiful though; we saw the sun come up!

These were the Zion Natural Park adventures! I will talk to tou guys soon while in VEGASSSS! 

Love and hugs,

USA part 7 | Bryce Canyon & a great loss

Mornin' lovelies!

A few hours ago, I went out of bed early to go make a walk -all by myself- through  Bryce Canyon! My dad went out of bed even earlier, and my mom isn't like a real 'hiker' so I just took my camera, iPhone and iPod and went out! I didn't even had make-up on -which happens a lot these weeks-. The walk was very beautiful, but a bit hard 'cause at first you just go down, but at the end you also have to get up again! So, my legs had to work hard to get me back up the trail again! But I did it! And I made some beautiful pictures that I -of course- will share with all you out there! 

I hope you like seeing al of these pictures! I really think about you guys when I am making these 'cause I know that I am extremely fortunate to be here and I want all of you to kind of experience this too! I definitely not do this to brag or show off! But I think you know 'cause I believe that all of you are friends I actually know in real life, so (:

Right now we're driving to Zion! This is the last natural park we will be visiting! We will stay there for 2 nights and then we will continue our trip to Las Vegas! Over there we will be shopping again, watching a show, walking down the strip etc! I'm really looking forward to these days! 

Short note ; I just heard that an important family member of the Dutch Royal Family has died. He was the brother of our just throned king, Willem Alexander. I know that the Royals won't read this, but I still want to point out here that I think about them and their loss. I hope they can somehow give it rest in their harts someday. RIP Friso. 

Love and see you soon! 

USA part 6 | boat trip through Navayo & Antilope Canyon

Hello lovely monkeys!

Yesterday night, there were the most scaring thunderstorms above our campground.. The lightning hit the 'headquarters' of the campground and the whole computer and internet system went down! That's why I am not able to upload my posts! I am very sorry! Anyways, the thunderstorm was so scary and, like, deep if you know what I mean -the whole earth was shaking and we could feel that 'cause we're in an RV, which is very safe 'cause it's on rubber bands, or whatever the things that make this thing drive may be called, I believe it's not called bands but alrighty-. So, because I was so scared I crawled into my parents bed, between them. Never knew that 3 people would be able to fit in this mini-bed but we did! I didn't fall asleep over there but at least I felt a lot more safe! And yes, I am eighteen. And no, I don't feel like I am in such moments. 

The following day, which was August 10, we rented a boat and made a trip around Lake Powell. Af first it rained and there was some thunder and stuff -I was the scariest of all people- but later on the clouds floated away and it was VERY sunny! It was lovely! My mom and I sat in front and we had to cover ourselves completely with SPF 50, and we didn't burn! Yeah thank you for the applause! Around 13.00 I thought 'why not?' and I sat down at the steering wheel and 'drove' the boat! It was lots of fun! -don't mind my messy hair, it was very windy!-

In the evening we had dinner at a little restaurant and I ate sweet patatoe fries! I didn't actually like them! It's very weird to eat something sweet-ish 'cause you expect fries to be salty! 

So today we're driving to Brice Canyon! Yes, another canyon! But according to my dad it's completely different from what we saw at the Grand Canyon! 

Lots of love!

USA part 5 | Grand Canyon & Lake Powell

Lovely monkeys!

I know that is has been a while, but that's because I was at the Grand Canyon! And even though it's 'Grand', they didn't even have any 'phone connection'. So there I was, not being to have contact with Jim! So I knew that he would be very worried and that made me stressed out and sad and finally I ended up getting some very slow wifi connection somewhere in the bushes near a busstation! How I found it ; please don't ask! But I found it! The next day we walked around the rim and after that I went for a long walk to the wifi-busstop! I talked to some people for a while but I was unable to blog! 

The next day my dad and I went out of bed early to do the 'Bright Angle Trail'.. That means that we really, like, actually went down the Canyon! But this Canyon is like 2 km deep so.. We only did like 1/5 maybe! But ; we have madr beautiful pictures I'd like to share! 

Yesterday we arrived in Page, near Lake Powell! Today we just went for a little walk, which was so hotttt! Then we went swimming for a while in the pool that belongs to the campground. It was fun, but I missed Jim a lot. 

Tomorrow my dad rented a speed boat! We're going to make a boattrip in the Antilope Canyons! Which I expect to be very pretty! So, I will talk to you soon guys! 

Much love,

USA part 4 | route 66, broken airco and armcandy

An update for you all, lovely monkeys!
These are the adventures I've been going through the last 2 days! 

.. We drove down Route 66! 

.. We did our groceries in Needles, ar some place calles Bashas'! Seriously, I have never ever seen this much donuts, cookies and other bad stuff.. never! 

.. We drove to Laughlin, the hottest place in the USA right now! We're at a KOA campground, next to one of the, like, 100000 casino's over here! Seriously, this is worse than Las Vegas -where I will be going to at the end of our trip- 

.. We met my aunt and uncle over here yesterday! So much fun, my aunt is the most cheerful person I know! Today me, my mom and my aunt are going to shop (not that I have any money left)! Looking forward to it! 

.. The airconditioner broke! This was the wordt adventure of them all, 'cause living in this heat without an airconditioner just can't be done! But, my dad called the RV rental service desk thing and we got the thing rolling again.. THANK GOD! -I seriously thank God..- 

.. I walked through a casino yesterday when we went for a swim.. That noise! The people! The alcohol! The smoking! Just like a movie! 

.. I practised a lot on my ukulele and am now I able to play songs and sing at the same time! I love it! 

.. At this campground, even the showers have aircondtioners in them! Imagine how hot it is over here! 

.. We have skipped dinner three times already! We just ate raw vegetables with some ranch dip! 

.. I got some armcandy going today 

So, I have to stop blogging now -I'm not even out of my adventures yet!- because my aunt is coming to pick us up soon! 

Have a great day and big kisses,

USA part 3 | hello RV!

Hello there! 
So, today we're going to pick up the RV we rented to make our roadtrip with! The thing is 25 feet long and I believe that's pretty big! Right now we're filling the rental car up with gas, 'cause we have to hand it in with a full tank! So, yeah, you'll hear from me later! 

It actually is the after right now! Yesterday I didn't find the time to finish this post! Right now we're almost ready to go to the next campground so let me post a picture of our RV, our dinner yesterday and our breakfast this morning! It is like, 42 degrees over here so.. not very hungry at all.. 

Talk to you soon! 

USA part 2 | meet Ukie!

Dear followers!

(I don't like to call you followers! It feels like I am being mean and wanting you to be my minions or something! Let's just call you monkeys than, much nicer! -haha sure Stella dream on-) 

Anyways, hi! Alrighty, this was the plan! I wanted to go to Sunglass Hut to buy new sunglasses, in stead, I bought an Ukulele.. Yeah, same thing right? I mean, yeah, why not? No, I seriously am the happiest girl on eart right now! I even gave it a name; Ukie! It's an ukulele you can plug in, so if I get good on Ukie than I might use it with a performance one time! With Jim, who doesn't know yet! I'm sure he'll like me playing Ukie! Anyways, right now I can't play yet! I bought a chord book and a case! And a tuner, 'cause I need my Ukie not to be out of tune! I will insert pictures! Can't make them now 'cause I'm sitting on the ground in a shopping mall ; so glamourous! 

So, here I am back at the hotel! I took some pictures of Ukie! By the way, I took Ukie out of its case and saw a few bumps and imperfections! Af first I thought ; oh no we have to go get another one! But a second later I thought again ; the Ukie I had been carrying around with the biggest smile in the world, even though I am so sad 'cause I miss Jim so much! And I am not perfect either and I have to accept that I have to let my perfectionism go; I will never ever be perfect and Ukie won't either! This ukulele suits me and I am happy with it! 

So, meet Ukie! 
-laying upon my newly bought clothes-


USA part 1 | welcome to LA!

Hello lovelies!

Stella here from the one and only US of A! So, to make a very long story a bit shorter ; I'm on a holiday/vacation in America right now with my mom and dad! Jim didn't come with us, which is kind of -well let's face it, terribly hard- to deal with 'cause I'm not used to being alone anymore since he joined us last year in Aruba, Austria and I was with him a few weeks ago in Croatia.. And know he's like, a thousand or so kilometres away from me! But, let's talk about the positive things, shall we? 

I will be here untill the 23rd of August! Right now I am sitting in a huge outlet shopping centre! I have bought some things already at CVS, which is a huge drugstore, at Forever 21 and Foreign Exchange! I will make a picture and insert it in this post soon! 

So I'm in LA right now, but tomorrow we're going to pick up our rented camper.. We're going on a road trip to see many natural parks like Zyon, Brice and of course the Crand Canyon! Me and my dad are going to hike much and we will be seeing a lot! After that we will take a few days in some kind of resort in Anheim! Which is also in LA! We will be going to Vegas too by the way! I'm very excited!

So what I decided to do is just blogging on the go! When I have a wifi connection I will just post what I have written! I hope that it will work out -'cause my other plans and promises never do..- 

Much love from the US!