Update | Back in town / to school

Hello there you lovely monkeys in front of some sort of a screen!

I'm back in town. But, I'm sure you've read this already, being the title of this post.
And, I'm going back to school -newsflash-.
Tomorrow, I will be sitting in a train, being extremely nervous and hoping that my new ICM classmates, who I will be talking English to -scary!-, will like me. I really hope so!
I am very excited to meet them! So, this upcoming week is like cheese with a lot of holes, called gatenkaas in Dutch. Tomorrow I'll have an introduction-day at school. Thursday I'm going to visit Delft with my classmates. On Friday I'll be going school-supply-shopping with the one and only Jim in Utrecht. During the weekend I'm supposed to see my 8 lovely girl-'gang'-friends again, but I don't know if this date is still on the planning. And the other days I will just relax, I guess.

Next week I'll have some parties -because I'm a real student now- and then on the 6th of September school actually starts. I'm excited for the study I'm doing now. I really, truly like to start with this after having free time for 3 months now! Yeah, I'm a nerd like that. Besides, I just love the subjects and classes I'll be having. So different from economics -BLUHG- and math, you know.

So, back to my right-now-life ; it felt so great, so so so great, to spend the last 3/4 days with Jim. I'd been missing him so much. I really think I could spend my whole life with this kid, I really do.
Anyways, let's not dive to deep into the future Stella.

Being girly, I just painted my nails. I hope they still look presentable after rambling on my laptop for 5 minutes already. 5 minutes isn't that long, actually. Imagine me sitting here for an hour. You're so lucky I don't have time for that, haha.

I think I'll be going now! My bed is waiting! Although I'm afraid I can't fall asleep.. Nervousness.

Bye now, big kiss!

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