USA part 1 | welcome to LA!

Hello lovelies!

Stella here from the one and only US of A! So, to make a very long story a bit shorter ; I'm on a holiday/vacation in America right now with my mom and dad! Jim didn't come with us, which is kind of -well let's face it, terribly hard- to deal with 'cause I'm not used to being alone anymore since he joined us last year in Aruba, Austria and I was with him a few weeks ago in Croatia.. And know he's like, a thousand or so kilometres away from me! But, let's talk about the positive things, shall we? 

I will be here untill the 23rd of August! Right now I am sitting in a huge outlet shopping centre! I have bought some things already at CVS, which is a huge drugstore, at Forever 21 and Foreign Exchange! I will make a picture and insert it in this post soon! 

So I'm in LA right now, but tomorrow we're going to pick up our rented camper.. We're going on a road trip to see many natural parks like Zyon, Brice and of course the Crand Canyon! Me and my dad are going to hike much and we will be seeing a lot! After that we will take a few days in some kind of resort in Anheim! Which is also in LA! We will be going to Vegas too by the way! I'm very excited!

So what I decided to do is just blogging on the go! When I have a wifi connection I will just post what I have written! I hope that it will work out -'cause my other plans and promises never do..- 

Much love from the US! 

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