USA part 10 | Laguna Beach

Hello lovelies!

It has been a while since I have written to you guys! Right now, I just woke up in my soft hotel bed instead of the RV bed! This is much better, but I miss our RV though! It was fun and cosy! We returned the RV yesterday, went to Anaheim -where the hotel is, it's like, next to Disneyland!- and we drove to my mothers old friend Peter who lives here! She met him when she was 15 and he was 18 and it was so fun to see him and his family! His wife Annemarie and his three kids Gareth, Erica and Amy! They were all older thab J am but we had fun! The 'kids' and I drove to Laguna Beach and sat down watching the sun go down and eating some little snacks and drinks -I am underaged over here, but that actually was fine by me-.
Later we drove back and had a delicious bbq! I did not make any pictures of the bbq and of the family but my mom did so maybe I can post that later on! 
Let me show you Laguna Beach! 

Today is a relax-day! I think I'm going to the hotel gym though.. I can use a workout since yesterday's bbq was not very healthy hahaha! I will keep updating you guys! In four nights I will be home again! I can't wait seeing Jim again! But my time here is amazing so.. I will keep enjoying it to the fullest! I hope you are too!


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