USA part 2 | meet Ukie!

Dear followers!

(I don't like to call you followers! It feels like I am being mean and wanting you to be my minions or something! Let's just call you monkeys than, much nicer! -haha sure Stella dream on-) 

Anyways, hi! Alrighty, this was the plan! I wanted to go to Sunglass Hut to buy new sunglasses, in stead, I bought an Ukulele.. Yeah, same thing right? I mean, yeah, why not? No, I seriously am the happiest girl on eart right now! I even gave it a name; Ukie! It's an ukulele you can plug in, so if I get good on Ukie than I might use it with a performance one time! With Jim, who doesn't know yet! I'm sure he'll like me playing Ukie! Anyways, right now I can't play yet! I bought a chord book and a case! And a tuner, 'cause I need my Ukie not to be out of tune! I will insert pictures! Can't make them now 'cause I'm sitting on the ground in a shopping mall ; so glamourous! 

So, here I am back at the hotel! I took some pictures of Ukie! By the way, I took Ukie out of its case and saw a few bumps and imperfections! Af first I thought ; oh no we have to go get another one! But a second later I thought again ; the Ukie I had been carrying around with the biggest smile in the world, even though I am so sad 'cause I miss Jim so much! And I am not perfect either and I have to accept that I have to let my perfectionism go; I will never ever be perfect and Ukie won't either! This ukulele suits me and I am happy with it! 

So, meet Ukie! 
-laying upon my newly bought clothes-


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