USA part 4 | route 66, broken airco and armcandy

An update for you all, lovely monkeys!
These are the adventures I've been going through the last 2 days! 

.. We drove down Route 66! 

.. We did our groceries in Needles, ar some place calles Bashas'! Seriously, I have never ever seen this much donuts, cookies and other bad stuff.. never! 

.. We drove to Laughlin, the hottest place in the USA right now! We're at a KOA campground, next to one of the, like, 100000 casino's over here! Seriously, this is worse than Las Vegas -where I will be going to at the end of our trip- 

.. We met my aunt and uncle over here yesterday! So much fun, my aunt is the most cheerful person I know! Today me, my mom and my aunt are going to shop (not that I have any money left)! Looking forward to it! 

.. The airconditioner broke! This was the wordt adventure of them all, 'cause living in this heat without an airconditioner just can't be done! But, my dad called the RV rental service desk thing and we got the thing rolling again.. THANK GOD! -I seriously thank God..- 

.. I walked through a casino yesterday when we went for a swim.. That noise! The people! The alcohol! The smoking! Just like a movie! 

.. I practised a lot on my ukulele and am now I able to play songs and sing at the same time! I love it! 

.. At this campground, even the showers have aircondtioners in them! Imagine how hot it is over here! 

.. We have skipped dinner three times already! We just ate raw vegetables with some ranch dip! 

.. I got some armcandy going today 

So, I have to stop blogging now -I'm not even out of my adventures yet!- because my aunt is coming to pick us up soon! 

Have a great day and big kisses,

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