USA part 5 | Grand Canyon & Lake Powell

Lovely monkeys!

I know that is has been a while, but that's because I was at the Grand Canyon! And even though it's 'Grand', they didn't even have any 'phone connection'. So there I was, not being to have contact with Jim! So I knew that he would be very worried and that made me stressed out and sad and finally I ended up getting some very slow wifi connection somewhere in the bushes near a busstation! How I found it ; please don't ask! But I found it! The next day we walked around the rim and after that I went for a long walk to the wifi-busstop! I talked to some people for a while but I was unable to blog! 

The next day my dad and I went out of bed early to do the 'Bright Angle Trail'.. That means that we really, like, actually went down the Canyon! But this Canyon is like 2 km deep so.. We only did like 1/5 maybe! But ; we have madr beautiful pictures I'd like to share! 

Yesterday we arrived in Page, near Lake Powell! Today we just went for a little walk, which was so hotttt! Then we went swimming for a while in the pool that belongs to the campground. It was fun, but I missed Jim a lot. 

Tomorrow my dad rented a speed boat! We're going to make a boattrip in the Antilope Canyons! Which I expect to be very pretty! So, I will talk to you soon guys! 

Much love,

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