USA part 6 | boat trip through Navayo & Antilope Canyon

Hello lovely monkeys!

Yesterday night, there were the most scaring thunderstorms above our campground.. The lightning hit the 'headquarters' of the campground and the whole computer and internet system went down! That's why I am not able to upload my posts! I am very sorry! Anyways, the thunderstorm was so scary and, like, deep if you know what I mean -the whole earth was shaking and we could feel that 'cause we're in an RV, which is very safe 'cause it's on rubber bands, or whatever the things that make this thing drive may be called, I believe it's not called bands but alrighty-. So, because I was so scared I crawled into my parents bed, between them. Never knew that 3 people would be able to fit in this mini-bed but we did! I didn't fall asleep over there but at least I felt a lot more safe! And yes, I am eighteen. And no, I don't feel like I am in such moments. 

The following day, which was August 10, we rented a boat and made a trip around Lake Powell. Af first it rained and there was some thunder and stuff -I was the scariest of all people- but later on the clouds floated away and it was VERY sunny! It was lovely! My mom and I sat in front and we had to cover ourselves completely with SPF 50, and we didn't burn! Yeah thank you for the applause! Around 13.00 I thought 'why not?' and I sat down at the steering wheel and 'drove' the boat! It was lots of fun! -don't mind my messy hair, it was very windy!-

In the evening we had dinner at a little restaurant and I ate sweet patatoe fries! I didn't actually like them! It's very weird to eat something sweet-ish 'cause you expect fries to be salty! 

So today we're driving to Brice Canyon! Yes, another canyon! But according to my dad it's completely different from what we saw at the Grand Canyon! 

Lots of love!

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