USA part 7 | Bryce Canyon & a great loss

Mornin' lovelies!

A few hours ago, I went out of bed early to go make a walk -all by myself- through  Bryce Canyon! My dad went out of bed even earlier, and my mom isn't like a real 'hiker' so I just took my camera, iPhone and iPod and went out! I didn't even had make-up on -which happens a lot these weeks-. The walk was very beautiful, but a bit hard 'cause at first you just go down, but at the end you also have to get up again! So, my legs had to work hard to get me back up the trail again! But I did it! And I made some beautiful pictures that I -of course- will share with all you out there! 

I hope you like seeing al of these pictures! I really think about you guys when I am making these 'cause I know that I am extremely fortunate to be here and I want all of you to kind of experience this too! I definitely not do this to brag or show off! But I think you know 'cause I believe that all of you are friends I actually know in real life, so (:

Right now we're driving to Zion! This is the last natural park we will be visiting! We will stay there for 2 nights and then we will continue our trip to Las Vegas! Over there we will be shopping again, watching a show, walking down the strip etc! I'm really looking forward to these days! 

Short note ; I just heard that an important family member of the Dutch Royal Family has died. He was the brother of our just throned king, Willem Alexander. I know that the Royals won't read this, but I still want to point out here that I think about them and their loss. I hope they can somehow give it rest in their harts someday. RIP Friso. 

Love and see you soon! 

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