USA part 8 | Zion!

Hello there!

First, a big kiss from me to you! 
Then, an adventure update post! 'Cause I just like making al of my posts a bit different! Maybe that's more fun to read! 

.. We've been cooking! Actually, BBQ'ing! And it is so delicious and simple! Just a salad, corn on the cob -cooked and steamed and SO delicious, but not the thing to eat on a first date let me tell ya!- 

.. And this was our delicious breakfast!

.. We saw these little babies coming very close! 

.. We have seen the beautiful landscape of the Zion Natural Park! -of course- 

.. I did a hike with my dad called the 'Watchman Trail' very early in the morning! It was an uphill trial and it took us 1,5 hour I believe to do the whole thing! But it was beautiful though; we saw the sun come up!

These were the Zion Natural Park adventures! I will talk to tou guys soon while in VEGASSSS! 

Love and hugs,

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