USA part 9 | Vegas baby!

Hastalavista y'all! 
-trying to be funny over here..- 

So, yesterday we arrived in Las Vegas! It is my first time here I can remember -I've been here before but I was 10 months old back them so ehhhh, don't remember anything at all- and it's crazy! It really is! The Strip is filled with

- Crazy and extraordinary big hotels
- Casino's. duh. 
- Fast food
- People handing erotic folders and flyers to all men passing by (even my dad, who said 'I already have two girls here'hahaha) 
- Cars
- (unfortunately) a lot of homeless people 

I made some pictures yesterday! I wanted to capture all the lights but it's very hard getting it in picture so I'm so sorry for the bad quality! 

This is the Venetian

Much love,

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