Throwback | "No, I'm fine, thanks" (January 21st, 2013)

Because I am getting my blog out there right now, I am planning on re-posting my favorite posts I wrote maybe last year or even in 2011. Those are posts I havee been putting a lot f energy in and I would love for ny new monkeys to read them too. These posts will be categorized as "Throwback". I hope you will enjoy! 

How are you? You're fine? Yeah right, and now for real! Your head hurts, you cried yourself to sleep yesterday and you feel like you're fat and you have no friends, right? What is it that always makes us lie about what we really feel? We want to be perfect, we want to be happy and we want to make others think that we are the most bubbly and the most fun person to be around. We can only tell the people we really care about how we feel, but there's an exception ; when you're afraid of losing someone, you don't want to express your feelings ; being afraid that they will get sick of you and your endless tears. So what to do next? What to do with unspoken and 'unknown' feelings? Let's make a list of things we can do to clear our mind without really telling those ones (YET!)

Favorites | Technological

Lovely monkeys!

I know that it has been a while since my last post, but I have spent the weekend at Jim's dad in Zeeland, where I couldn't simply find the time to write. Right now I found time, but not a lot of time. But still, it's time, and time is happiness. At least, for me. So, today I wanted to tell you guys some of my favorite technological things. I have a lot of favorites, but I'll keep it some sort of organized for you all. Because I'm such an organized person -ahum-.

Shoplog | Introduction to make-up

Hello lovely monkeys.

What happens when you meet a girly girl? She makes you want to be a girly girl too. Since 2 years now I have been watching beauty guru's on Youtube. I always get so excited when I get to see how they transform from beautiful bare face to beautiful make up face. The brushes, the names, the colours, the application. It amazes me. And I'm not like that at all. Well, okay, I have to admit, I have a lot of lipsticks and powders and I even have a high-end make-up palette bought at Sephora in Paris! But no, I never use them. Because I think it's not very me? But, how can I know if I never gave it a real try? So, I asked my new German friend and she gave me advice on what to buy. So, I took my bank card and bravely swiped it through the paying machine. Finally recovered from the shock, I'm now ready to show you what I bought.

Special | "Hello, Gutentag, Bonjour, Hallo"

Sweetest monkeys in my jungle.

We all go grocery shopping once in a while, right? At least, I assume, 'cause we can't live without our banana's! -read: chocolate and everything that contains this deliciousness-. So, you get your fashionable Albert Hein, Target, Carrerfour -whatever your local grocery store is called- shopping bag out and arrive at this local shop in or near your hometown.

Sometimes, it's just not your day. You feel like you haven't slept in 3 years, you don't have any make-up on your face.. (stop)

-Okay, some people look amazing without make-up, but most of us girly girls usually don't feel very pretty without. Which I personally think is stupid, because in my opinion, everyone is beautiful is his or her own unique way.-

(continue)..or you have this extremely embarrasing gossip going around about you because last Friday you were walking down the street, glamourously waving to your crush and his or her friends, not expecting the lamppost to be there already and smashing this thing with your whole body weight while also stepping into the biggest dog poo you've ever seen. And because you had no time to go home again to do something about it, your head looked like a smurf -bruises, you know- and your shoes smelt like everything that smells bad in this world at the same time.

Okay, this whole story was just me telling; unless you're in a situation like this, you always say 'good morning/good afternoon/good evening' to everyone. Right? The old lady with her little dog. The man who is always complaining about the weather. The girl behind the cash register. And especially, not to forget, the little kids begging you to give you the little toys that come with every 15 euro's / dollars you spend. -At least, in Dutchieland, this happens quite often.-

Saying hello or goodbye or just saying something, which used to be common habit, isn't so common anymore. What Jim and I realised the past few weeks, is that everybody is living in their own private bubble nowadays. For example, we have these little handy machines called smartphones. We can take our own, well-known friends probably everywhere we go, so we don't feel the need to socizalize in public places like the grocery store. While waiting on my bus this morning, there were 3 persons waiting with me. When I arrived at the busstop, there was only one men saying 'goodmorning' to me. Guess what? He was mentally disabled. It actually touched my heart that he was the only one wishing me a great day with the biggest smile I've ever seen. The other 2 just stood there with, yes just guess it, their smartphones. When the weather is bad, which is a very well-known subject of a conversation with compelte strangers, you just tweet, Facebook or Whatsapp about it. People, in my opinion, or some sort of de-socializing. Why? Saying hello and wishing eachother a delightful day will do good! At least, I always get this humongous smile on my face when the old, sweet lady says hello to me and let me pet her little dog.

Well, okay, let's keep it real, the lady telling me II have beautiful hair doesn't make the whole day the best day in my life. But still, I always, even if I had the lammpost-smurf-poo-incident, and I am telling you the truth here, have a smile on my face when people look at me. -That was probaably the longest sentence I've ever written-. When I see someone looking at me, I lift my head and smile. You have these girls, you know, that  always look at you with this "oh please, my eyeballs would rather book a last-minute flight to the northpole than looking at YOUR face" expression on their faces. Me? I'm just smiling. Do you know these men that always tend to look at you and then give you the feeling that they're thinking something such as: "I'm sexually frustrated, my life is one big mess, my boss is a jerk and I want to touch your butt". And even though this kind of men creep the Pringles out of me, I still smile.

I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I'm not saying that my whole life is one whole perfectly happy thing, 'cause it obviously isn't. But, if I can make someone feel good for just one second by simply putting a smile on my face, I will do that.

These were just my thoughts on just one topic. I hope you like to read these kind of things. I'm just trying out different posts. I hope you'd be so kind to give me some feedback. I will smile at you in return!

Love and good night,

Photo Diary #11 | Start of my new life!

Hello -again- sweetest of them all!

This morning I felt like doing nothing but drinking my favorite green tea out of my favorite Beatles mug and write a blogpost. The next post on my schedule was this one, the' long waited for' Photo Diary where I feature some pictures of the start of my new life. Well, new life, I'd rather call it student life but new life sounds way more interesting, doesn't it? So, off we go!

A while ago I went to The Hague with one of my friends to just wander around, shop a little and eat this amazing lunch. We bought these delicious things at 'Marqt' which is a supermarket but then with just natural products etc. It tasted amazing! 

This is a picture I took while being on our 'Dutch Day in Delft' during my introduction period for my study. We've wandered around, bought cherries from the market, made a boat trip and ate forzen yoghurt. It was a fun day.

These might look like the most horrible hamburgers -if you even saw that these are supposed to look like hamburgers- but they tasted amazing! Me and my 3 new girly friends from Germany and the Czech Republic -I don't know yet if they allow me to put their names out on here- made these before going to the H!CM party, which was in Club 7 ; we had a lot of fun! 

This is a performance by a band that I loved a lot. Their music was very happy and dance-able! It took place on the Oh Oh Intro Festival in The Hague, especially organized for (new) students! We had a great time! Jim joined us too, which was funny realizing that he isn't even a student yet!

This was my amazing pasta salad at La Place while catching up with a good friend! If you ever go to La Place, please please please try this it's delicious!

This was my first time going to Vapiano! We went there for lunch between two lectures. It tasted amazing, although my pasta was a bit to spicy, haha! 

And yes, the life of a student also means ; studying! And  so Jim and I sat down and did our homework together! Fortunately, I have the sweetest mom ever. She surprised us with tea -look tha's my Beatles mug!- fresh fruit and chocolate! 

So this is the creepiest picture of them all, I look a ghost. This was yesterday, Jim and I performed together and it was so much fun. This is our TV, actually, because my dad videotaped us and showed the results as soon as I got home. In 4 weeks we will be performing again! Jeei!

So, that's that! I hope you had fun looking at these pictures! I got to go now, I want to go on the eliptical -again, after 38340242 days of doing nothing- and I have to be ready at 13.00 because I'm going to The Hague to see my 3 lovely new friends. It's for a school assignment though, but still I'm looking forward to it!

Love and have an amazing Sunday,

Tag | The 100 questions tag!

Sweet little banana-eating monkeys!

There I am again. Still keeping my promise; still putting posts up quite frequently. -Yeah Stells, because you've only been doing this for 3 days or something-. So, this is my very first -well, I believe I did one a loooong time ago- tag post. What is a tag is your question? A tag is a long list of questions that a lot of people that have a blog or a Youtube account answer. You have tags about every single thing on this big ol' earth. Twilight, One Direction, Beauty, Bathroom use? I don't know, you name it. The tag that I will be doing today is the 100 questions tag. And no, I'm not bored! Enough to do for Uni, but I'm prograstinating. You don't want to prograstinate anymore? I did an anti-prograstinating post a while ago, you should go check it out! It's somewhere, go explore! Don't forget your flashlight though.

Let's start!

Special | My own little shelter

"Mommy, can you come and tuck me in?!". This is little me, yelling through the whole house, every hour of the evening, probably waking up or scaring every single creature in my neighbourhood. When I was a child -which I still am, in my own opinion, sssh don't tell anyone- I had this problem with sleeping. I could never, ever fall asleep. I basically hated it to go to bed. I would turn and turn and think and think and worry and worry. Because my body was used to the 'not sleeping as much as I needed to', I had a lot of energy in the evenings. I would grab my toys and hide myself under the blankets. I would get my little flashlight and secretly play with my Bratz -did you have those? I had 20 of them, the big ones!- and imagine that they were on vacation in some big, beautiful but dangerous cave. The male doll I had -gosh he was hot- would save the girl and they would get a baby -yes, I know- and be the jungly family that I always wanted to have myself. Yes, I wanted to live in trees, eat raw meat, be extremely dirty and wipe my butt with a leaf. But I'm getting off topic here. My bed was my enemy. I hated it. I hated my bed and I didn't want to go to bed.

While being a teenager -around the age of 13- I began hating my bed even more. I would simply lie on that thing, hoping to fall asleep, worrying like crazy and panicing because I had 5 houurs of sleep left. "Yes, another zombie day tomorrow". My bed was the place where there was no one to distract me. The place where my thoughts went all crazy. Most of the times I was feeling sad and I worried a lot. Oh, sweet teenage struggles. I would think that I'd never get a boyfriend, I would convince myself to never eat fries or chocolate again. I would even, and yes "forever alone" danger here, put my pillows against the wall to have the feeling that there was someone lying behind me too cuddle with me. Someone special. I don't even remember who I imagined it to be, because you know, teenagers love every single "opposite -or same- sex creature" they meet. Well, at least I loved everyone that paid attention to me and was nice to me. Retarted? Probably.

As you can see, my bed and I have never been friends. I would jump on it, I would somersault on it, I would stuff my bed with every single toy I could find. I would read in it and eat on it, getting it all dirty with crumbs and stains. I would probably do everything in/on stead of sleeping in it. On it? Well, you get the message.

But, then, a few days ago, in my adult life -ahum-, I realised that my enemy has turned into my friend. Not only do I have someone to cuddle with -although this is not every single night-, but I can sleep. I can manage to fall asleep within 30 minutes. This, lovely monkeys, is a huge deal to me! Of course I have my worry-moments. Of course I have my Bratz-jungle-moments. No kidding, I don't have those anymore. But, you know, over all, I love my bed. It's soft, it's warm, and I now consider my bed as my own little shelter. My little private hideaway. 

Bed, marry me.


Update | Changes

Lovely monkeys!

This is a very formal anouncement. This is crucial. This is huge. This is a revolutionairy change.
No. Guys, girls, this a new beginning.
A few years ago, I think 2, I changed my blog from Dutch to English. Right now, I'm not changing the language. I'm changing the name.
From now on, this blog is called Stellish.

Why am I calling it Stellish?
The blog will be called Stellish because I want to start writing about things and products and clothing and pieces of mind that makes me, me. I want to make you start to think about what makes you you. I want to make us think about what makes us, us.

Why do I change it?
I want to do something new. My new life has started. At least, that's what it feels like. I started my life as a student. I started studying communication management (international, not to forget) and I want to bring my new skills into practice. No, that's not the main goal. I change it because I want to do more with my extraordianry love for writing, taking notes, putting my thoughts on paper -or on a screen-.

What is it that's going to change?
(The most important thing is the URL! It changed from myteacupoflife to stellaboogaard, which is my full name)
I'm not only changing the name. I'm changing the whole concept. The message I want to send out on this blog is the importance of being you. I want to write advices, I want to put my thoughts on here, I want to share those thoughts with you. I also want to blog more often. I want to get a real schedule. I'm planning on buying a Moleskine Notebook to put my thoughts on paper and then transfer those thought to a computerscreen. I also, like I said, want to make a schedule and upload real blogposts for you, with real content. Of course I won't stop putting my Photo Diary's and I will still be blabla-ing about everything and nothing. I would also love to change my lay-out, but I don't know how to do this (yet!). You can expect this change the upcoming months!

What isn't going to change?
Firstly, you have always been my and will always be my monkeys. I just call you guys this way because it makes it funny and personal. I don't like the word 'readers' of 'followers', because I don't want you to just read my blog, I hope to positively influence your day -brighten it!- and I don't want to call you followers because, seriously, I'm not someone to follow. And of course my way of writing. This will be the same. I hope that my English will improve, due to my new study which is completely based on English and everything international.

What kinds of new collums can you expect?
Tum tum tum, let's those drums rollllll. This is a very exciting part of this post! Yeah!
You can expect the following things..
.. Photo Diaries
.. Updates
.. Quotalk -talking about a certain quote, giving my view and opinion-
.. Specials -spinsels of my mind-
.. Shoplog
.. Reviews -this is not what I'm focussing on-
I am still not sure if this is all of it, and  I don't know if this really is what I want tobe my blog be like, but of course I can never know if I don't try! You'll see a lot of new things, that the only certain thing!

Thank you so much for still reading my blog.
I hope we can get this baby up to a higher 'blogging level'.
I'd love to get some feedback! You can even send me a message on Facebook! Please
to that, I'd love to interact with you all. At least, you are the one reading my blog and I'd love to
adjust my blog to you.

Big kisses,