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I know that it has been a while since my last post, but I have spent the weekend at Jim's dad in Zeeland, where I couldn't simply find the time to write. Right now I found time, but not a lot of time. But still, it's time, and time is happiness. At least, for me. So, today I wanted to tell you guys some of my favorite technological things. I have a lot of favorites, but I'll keep it some sort of organized for you all. Because I'm such an organized person -ahum-.

Youtube channel
My favorite Youtube channel to watch has definitely been Arose186 lately. I've been watching her videos for at least 2 years now and I enjoy it so so so much. Her personality isn't the only great thing, she's so pretty. She's kind of my role model in so many ways. And I don't even know her! I'm not obsessively trying to be her or something, that would be freaky. But, I just love watching her video's. Her personately pops through my iPad when I watch her and she's amazingly funny. All you crazy girls out there should definitely 'give it a watch'. (click!)

I have been introducing myself more and more into the real world of Bloggers. I started adding a lot of blogs to my Bloglovin' account. And when I feel like reading -this actually happens a lot and makes me prograstinate my school readings, oops- I just click on the app and start reading all the amazing blogpost that all these amazing bloggers upload. I get a lot of inspiration from them! My favorite blogger has been Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter lately. Why? Because she's the most positive and bubbly person I've ever seen. She's so beautiful, but not the 'internet-media-modern society-beautiful', she actually is genuinly beautiful. She has this gap between her two front teeth that makes me smile each times she smiles. She has this little daughter, called Darcy, and oh my sweet mother of Starbucks coffee, she is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! For an instant smile, please take a look at her blog! (click!)

Yes yes yes, I love the look of the new apple software. As you all know, it is called iOS7 and it's very modern but a bit childish at the same time. At least, that's my opinion. Apps have been changing and adjusting to the new software, which makes the apps look even more beautiful too. But, let's get to the point, I have this classmate, and she told me to definitely download this app called 'Room for Thought'. This app, and yes you might grab a table or your desk or something to make sure you won't fall from excitement, asks you each day, on a random moment, to snap a picture of the thing you are doing at that particular time of day. And then, you can put a filter over it, add a description and it will save it. And then, when you take a look at your 'feed', there will be all these pictures and you can easily memorize and do throwbacks on some amazing memories! It's like Instragram, but then it's private -if you choose it to be, like I did- and you are actually kind of forced to do it. If you like these kind of things, definitely give it a try! (click!)

Lastly, I will give you an insight in my daily internet wanders. I use a lot of internet sites, of course. Facebook, twitter, blogger, Youtube, Google, Portal -schoolstuff- etc. But, my favorite one has definitely been Ukulele hunt! I have been putting more effort in trying to be a better Ukulele player, and this site has been helping me a lot! The lay-out is a lot of fun and I can basically find every single thing on there that I would want to know about my Ukie. I don't think there will be a lot of you out there playing Ukulele -seriously, best thing ever, go out and buy one, now, I might force you by throwing bananas at you- but it's worth to take a look at, even if it's just for the lay-out. (click!)

Thank you a lot for reading my blog! And for liking my new Facebook page! Yes, I have created a Facebook page. And although I don't have a lot of monkeys following me, I still enjoy this whole journey like crazy. Check it out if you want, I'd love it if you did! (click!)


Note ; as you can see on the Facebook page, Demi from Refined Sense is creating a beautiful lay-out for me! I can't wait, you? Picture is from we heart it . com. 

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