Photo Diary #11 | Start of my new life!

Hello -again- sweetest of them all!

This morning I felt like doing nothing but drinking my favorite green tea out of my favorite Beatles mug and write a blogpost. The next post on my schedule was this one, the' long waited for' Photo Diary where I feature some pictures of the start of my new life. Well, new life, I'd rather call it student life but new life sounds way more interesting, doesn't it? So, off we go!

A while ago I went to The Hague with one of my friends to just wander around, shop a little and eat this amazing lunch. We bought these delicious things at 'Marqt' which is a supermarket but then with just natural products etc. It tasted amazing! 

This is a picture I took while being on our 'Dutch Day in Delft' during my introduction period for my study. We've wandered around, bought cherries from the market, made a boat trip and ate forzen yoghurt. It was a fun day.

These might look like the most horrible hamburgers -if you even saw that these are supposed to look like hamburgers- but they tasted amazing! Me and my 3 new girly friends from Germany and the Czech Republic -I don't know yet if they allow me to put their names out on here- made these before going to the H!CM party, which was in Club 7 ; we had a lot of fun! 

This is a performance by a band that I loved a lot. Their music was very happy and dance-able! It took place on the Oh Oh Intro Festival in The Hague, especially organized for (new) students! We had a great time! Jim joined us too, which was funny realizing that he isn't even a student yet!

This was my amazing pasta salad at La Place while catching up with a good friend! If you ever go to La Place, please please please try this it's delicious!

This was my first time going to Vapiano! We went there for lunch between two lectures. It tasted amazing, although my pasta was a bit to spicy, haha! 

And yes, the life of a student also means ; studying! And  so Jim and I sat down and did our homework together! Fortunately, I have the sweetest mom ever. She surprised us with tea -look tha's my Beatles mug!- fresh fruit and chocolate! 

So this is the creepiest picture of them all, I look a ghost. This was yesterday, Jim and I performed together and it was so much fun. This is our TV, actually, because my dad videotaped us and showed the results as soon as I got home. In 4 weeks we will be performing again! Jeei!

So, that's that! I hope you had fun looking at these pictures! I got to go now, I want to go on the eliptical -again, after 38340242 days of doing nothing- and I have to be ready at 13.00 because I'm going to The Hague to see my 3 lovely new friends. It's for a school assignment though, but still I'm looking forward to it!

Love and have an amazing Sunday,

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