Shoplog | Introduction to make-up

Hello lovely monkeys.

What happens when you meet a girly girl? She makes you want to be a girly girl too. Since 2 years now I have been watching beauty guru's on Youtube. I always get so excited when I get to see how they transform from beautiful bare face to beautiful make up face. The brushes, the names, the colours, the application. It amazes me. And I'm not like that at all. Well, okay, I have to admit, I have a lot of lipsticks and powders and I even have a high-end make-up palette bought at Sephora in Paris! But no, I never use them. Because I think it's not very me? But, how can I know if I never gave it a real try? So, I asked my new German friend and she gave me advice on what to buy. So, I took my bank card and bravely swiped it through the paying machine. Finally recovered from the shock, I'm now ready to show you what I bought.

Warning: I don't have the amazing lighting that the professional bloggers have. I just shot these pictures with my iPhone and put an Instragram filter over them. I hope you won't mind. I am very sorry and I am planning on improving this part of my blog too.

So this is some sort of a quick overview. I love how these products were just drugstore products, but still look so sophisticated and kind of high end. -Jumps of excitement-. 

This is the eyeshadow palette I have bought. I love it that the colours are 'nude' and therefore I thougt 'these are good and kind of safe colours to start my make up adventures with!

This is a recommendation from by German girly friend. She told me that it's very important to put a base under your eyeshadow, because otherwise the colours won't last that long. I knew this before and I had a primer, but she told me that this one is way better. I hope so!

My very first real foundation, oh yes come to mama! I don't know if this is the right colour for me, but it's 030 Sand. I hope that I won't look like a horror movie character when I put this on my face. Let's hope not, I don't want to scare you of.

I've been filling in my eyebrows for quite a while now, but I've been doing it with powder, which looks like an eyeshadow. This is a brow pencil! I bought because I wanted to see if this will work better, because I can't manage to get my brows in the right shape or something. 

And of course I had to buy a blush -the colour looks waaay more pink than it does in real life, yay camera and bad lighting- but it's pretty on the face. I will just dust it on very lightly and I hope I won't look like a doll. I have used this blush before and I loved it, it looked quite natural, because it does't have a shimmer in it. Although it might look like that, but on my face you won't be able to notice.

So, there were all the products I bought! I also bought two make-up brushes from the Kruidvat brand. I will let you know how they work out for me. 

Have a lovely day!

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