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Lovely monkeys!

This is a very formal anouncement. This is crucial. This is huge. This is a revolutionairy change.
No. Guys, girls, this a new beginning.
A few years ago, I think 2, I changed my blog from Dutch to English. Right now, I'm not changing the language. I'm changing the name.
From now on, this blog is called Stellish.

Why am I calling it Stellish?
The blog will be called Stellish because I want to start writing about things and products and clothing and pieces of mind that makes me, me. I want to make you start to think about what makes you you. I want to make us think about what makes us, us.

Why do I change it?
I want to do something new. My new life has started. At least, that's what it feels like. I started my life as a student. I started studying communication management (international, not to forget) and I want to bring my new skills into practice. No, that's not the main goal. I change it because I want to do more with my extraordianry love for writing, taking notes, putting my thoughts on paper -or on a screen-.

What is it that's going to change?
(The most important thing is the URL! It changed from myteacupoflife to stellaboogaard, which is my full name)
I'm not only changing the name. I'm changing the whole concept. The message I want to send out on this blog is the importance of being you. I want to write advices, I want to put my thoughts on here, I want to share those thoughts with you. I also want to blog more often. I want to get a real schedule. I'm planning on buying a Moleskine Notebook to put my thoughts on paper and then transfer those thought to a computerscreen. I also, like I said, want to make a schedule and upload real blogposts for you, with real content. Of course I won't stop putting my Photo Diary's and I will still be blabla-ing about everything and nothing. I would also love to change my lay-out, but I don't know how to do this (yet!). You can expect this change the upcoming months!

What isn't going to change?
Firstly, you have always been my and will always be my monkeys. I just call you guys this way because it makes it funny and personal. I don't like the word 'readers' of 'followers', because I don't want you to just read my blog, I hope to positively influence your day -brighten it!- and I don't want to call you followers because, seriously, I'm not someone to follow. And of course my way of writing. This will be the same. I hope that my English will improve, due to my new study which is completely based on English and everything international.

What kinds of new collums can you expect?
Tum tum tum, let's those drums rollllll. This is a very exciting part of this post! Yeah!
You can expect the following things..
.. Photo Diaries
.. Updates
.. Quotalk -talking about a certain quote, giving my view and opinion-
.. Specials -spinsels of my mind-
.. Shoplog
.. Reviews -this is not what I'm focussing on-
I am still not sure if this is all of it, and  I don't know if this really is what I want tobe my blog be like, but of course I can never know if I don't try! You'll see a lot of new things, that the only certain thing!

Thank you so much for still reading my blog.
I hope we can get this baby up to a higher 'blogging level'.
I'd love to get some feedback! You can even send me a message on Facebook! Please
to that, I'd love to interact with you all. At least, you are the one reading my blog and I'd love to
adjust my blog to you.

Big kisses,

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