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Hi sexy monkeys!

I'm still alive. Oh yes! But this is definitely not due to study stress or a fire in my school building -this actually happened today, but no one got hurt and everything is alright!-. Because I am such a nailpolish addict -I counted them, I got 67. Serious problem over here- I wanted to share my favorite polishes for fall with you fellow addicts. They are all from the brand Catrice, which is -if you don't know already- a drugstore brand. Their polishes are not expensive at all, but the colourrange is amazing and they keep releasing new collections and limited edition colours. The packaging is very beautiful too; there's not too much going on, which I actually like. The only problems I find while using these polishes are that the brush sometimes sticks into the polish in stead of still being attached to the lid. I am sure all of you Catrice monsters know what I am talking about. Another problem is that the polish won't stick to your nails that long without using an anti-chipping topcoat. I have one I really love and I recommend this sweetie pie to all of you. (You can check out the post I've written about it a while ago ; click!).

Moving on to my 5 favorite colours for fall.

These are the colours I thought would fit this season best. I don't like to wear a lot of extremely dark colours, considering I always get depressed easily by coldness and windyness and everything-dark-ness. So, I picked the somewhat lighter and more 'colourfull' ones out of my huge collection. The names -from left to right- are : Pool Party at Night, I Sea You, London's Weather Forecast, Absolutely Chinchilly! and Welcome to Roosewood. Right now, I am wearing the fourth one, because this afternoon I felt like putting a neutral colour on my nails. Most of the time I go for colourful, though. What do you prefer? 

I hope you all liked this post. The Catrice nailpolishes cost € 2,99 -or more if you happen to buy a limited edition one-. I found the English version of the website, so that all of you monkeys-from-another-jungle can also check it out ; click!

Lots of love,

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