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If you are a stargazer like me -and no, I'm not talking about looking at the stars for real- than you know what it is like to have all these thoughts driving waaaay to fast on this big old highway in your mind. They -your thoughts- never seem to take the right exit and go home. Okay, I'll explain again, because this seems like I'm creating a Disney movie. When I, especially in my bed or during a bike trip somewhere, am alone, I start to think about everything. Yes, everything. I create checklists in my mind, together with mind maps and to-do lists and little drawings of feelings and planners and scheduals and blogpost ideas and shopping lists and almost everything a human being can think of. Keep in mind though, I don't actually think I'm the normal kind of a human being, but that's another story.

So, what did I recently do to clean up and organize this wonderful, colourful, delightful -everything is so full latey, especially my belly; guilty!- mess in this thing called my head? I am carrying around a, in Stella-language, thought book. I take it everywhere with me. It's full of lists and thoughts on things, but especially to do lists. There are little 'post it's' in there and -ssssh it's a secret, don't tell anyone- ideas on what to give Jim for his birthday etc. -So, sweetie, if you happen to read this; don't take a look in there please? otherwise, I won't invite you to my birthdayparty. Pfuh! Me and my friends used to say this when we were like, 5 years old. Used be a horrible threat!-.

Anyways, back to the point -which I don't happen to have, actually, because it's traffic time on Stella-highway-. A few weeks ago, I bought this precious little notebook at The Hague Central Station, because I come there everyday. I decided that it was time to get one and so, I went to Bruna, a Dutch bookstore, and bought a black, lined notebook from Moleskine. (click to go to their website!)

I know that Moleskine is ridiculously expensive compared to other notebooks which you can buy at the bookstore or some place else. But, considering that I wanted to take the thing everwhere, I wanted it to be good quality so that it wouldn't fall apart in 3834329340 pieces when I just took it down the stairs -me being clumsy, I would also spill tea on it and drop it a few hundred times-. My new friend costed me €15,90, but I must say; it's totally worth it so far. The paper is kind of thick, which makes it easier to write. The overall quality is great and come on, it just looks so sophisticated!

So, if you're like me, fly/run/crawl/jump/skate/bike/whatever to the bookstore and buy yourself a notebook. It doesn't have to be a Moleskine one, any notebook will do. It really helps organizing a messy, creative mind. When I write a thought down, it automatically transfers to my head as a roadmap. Referring to the beginning of this post; The little thought can now find its way through the maze and take the right exit to go home. No traffic on Stella-highway!

What do you monkeys use to be more organized?

Lots of kisses,

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