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Rainy days, colourful umbrella's, changing wardrobes, taking the bus in stead of my bike, missing the sun already; yes, monkeys, fall season has arrived and oh sweet mother of pumpkin pie -which I don't even like- how much we all adore this rainy season. I actually, honestly, don't like fall that much. Fall gives me the feeling that everything is dying. Well, not like for real, passing away, but, you know. There are no little sheep anymore, no flowers, no sun. The only thing I see when I look around is rain, grey skies. The only thing I experience in the morning is not wanting to come out of bed because it's still dark, and not knowing what to wear because it's either too hot or too cold. So, I came across this tag that wants you to answer positive questions about autumn. I think this will work for me; I need to appreciate it more. Right? So, there I go! I hope I'll put a smile on your face!

What is your favorite thing about fall?
Firstly, the colours. My favorite colour is army green, and I also love black -Stella, what are you saying?! Black is not a colour! Sweet mother of scented candles, behave!- brown and burgundy red. These colours also make me think about fall, considering the leaves that fall of the trees mostly are brown, sometimes green, red, yellow, orange and black -if they have been on the ground for a while, yes, leaves can also turn black-.
Secondly, my favorite meal! No, I'm not a fries-pizza-pancakes-girl. I'm the Dutch who loves a good sauerkraut stew! Come to mamma!

What is your favorite fall drink?
Actually, I still drink my usual drinks; water and green tea. But, the changing weather makes me drink more tea, though. If I go to Starbucks, which I don't do that often, I also get a tea. I know, I should get something more fancier. But this is how I roll!

What is your favorite fall scent?
Definitely my scented candle! It smells like cinnamon. I adore that smell, it's so cosy! And don't forget the smell outside when it has just started or just stopped raining.

What is your go to moisturizer?
My moisturizer actually doesn't change according to the season. I only change it when my skin changes. I have two moisturizers. One I use daily, in the morning. The other one I use at night when my skin feels like it needs a bit more hydration. The daytime one is Crème de Jour UV 10 from Louis Widmer -expensive, but worth the money!- and the other one is Biodermal Day and Night cream for every skin type. That's the one I use at night.

What are your favorite nailpolishes for fall?
Oh yes, we have a post on that one! (click!)

What is your go to colour to wear?
I love wearing black, like I said. But, during fall, I also fall -haha, I'm so funny..- in love with army green, burgundy red and other 'deep' colours. Grey is one of my favorites too, although sometimes it makes me look quite pale. -I am, though, I sometimes even think I'm a zombie or something-.

What is your favorite place to be?
Can we get cheesy, slimey and romantic over here? Can we do that? Just for a little, tiny moment? In Jims arms, wearing my cosy clothes and talking about all kinds of stuff. That's definitely my favorite place to be. Especially during fall and winter, because I get cold very easily and Jim is my little heater.

So, these questions weren't that hard to answer! Maybe I like fall a little bit more now. I hope you do too! If you'd like to answer these question and post a comment, please do so! I never get comments, snif. No, seriously, I love it that there are people reading this. Don't feel pressured to leave a comment., I'll love you anyway!

Have a great day!

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