Throwback | "Things we procrastinate and how not to" (August 14th, 2012)

Good morning all of you out there in this beautiful world.
-Yes, a very very enthusiastic opening of this post-

Because I woke up fairly early today, and I'm procrastinating like crazy -working out isn't my favorite thing to do when my body doesn't want to wake up-. So, I thought why not make a blog post.
At first I had no idea what to blog about, but then I realised that all of us actually are great talents in procrastinating things. Like I am doing today ; not wanting to go on the eliptical and stuff.
Yesterday I went school-supply-shopping. Something many many of us also procrastinate.
But why do we procrastinate?

That's very easy, right? Things we don't want to or like to think about because they are things we just don't like to do. Why? Because there are many more things to do which are more fun. Or it might be something we think is difficult or just to hard to handle.


Procrastinating is stupid. Yes, it is, we can all agree on that one, can't we? Think about it. Stuff gets a lot more stressfull and painfull and difficult when we have to do it because of lack of time or something. Or when we just don't do it, we will not feel as good as when we would have just done it. Like me, I want to go on the elliptical today. I know that when I don't, I won't feel good about myself the whole day. That's just not the feeling I wanna have over here. So, what I am going to do next after posting this post is just go with it. It will be over soon, it just half an hour and I will watch Youtube clips thingies about lifestyle and beauty and fashion and hauls-things and I will even enjoy doing what I was reluctant about.

Over here I have some little tips for you. I hope they'll help you not procrastinate as much anymore.

Procrastinating shopping for schoolsupplies
No, school isn't that much fun. Yes, we prefer just chilling out on the beach sipping out of our Starbucks cups drinking a iced caramel latté. But life isn't always that lovely to us and something has invented that we are all supposed to go to school untill we have our diploma's and we can go our own way getting a job etc etc. So, we just have to go to school. There's nothing to procrastinate about that. But because you have this 'holiday and doing nothing feeling' you don't want to thing about that stressy thing called 'school'. BUT, for me, shopping for school supplies is a lovely feeling. I love it when I can buy huge note books and organization stuff so that I can begin my year of school with new, clean and still beautiful looking stuff. I love to be organised like that, just having an empty planner and new pens and pencils which actually still smell like wood. I love it when my eraser is still white and my markers still just give their own colour because I didn't use them yet. I actually like school -the first 1,5 week(s)-.

Make something fun of it. Go with your friends and plan a lunch or a dinner after it, together. Buy a planner which you can put some of your favorite pictures in. Buy fun stuff -and not only fun stuff, also the handy stuff of course-. You'll see that going out to buy those things, isn't that bad. You just have to look at it with a colourfull pair of glasses on.

Procrastinating cleaning up your room/closet/bathroom
When you come back from your summer trip, everything seems to live their own life. Books and magazines fly around and your clothes seem to suddenly have little legs. Nothing stays in place and that's not something you still want to have when school starts again. So, clean up time! But, we don't actually like something like that. Which I can totally understand, believe me. But really ; with your favorite music on or your best friend on 'Skype' -use speakers or something, not your phone 'cause you need two hands to clean up everything extra fast- it won't be that bad guys, it just won't. Just work hard for an hour (or two) and afterwards you can just do what you want to. When you come home or just take an extra look at your room or your closet you'll feel better. And our mom's or dad's will be extra proud.

Procrastinating working out
My favorite thing to procrastinate, well well. No matter why you want to work-out, either wanting to lose weight or improve your physical conditions etc. working out is, as we all know, great for your body and mind. And, who says that working out is hard and boring? Like I just said, when I work out, I watch Youtube. Girls like Arose186 and Missglamorazzi -you guys should definitely check those channels out-. And guess what? Because I'm a Dutchie, I learn a lot from watching those American girls without being able to read the subtitles. Some tips to make working out fun is to

- Make a deal with yourself that you are allowed to have a reward when you're done. Maybe it's just taking a bath, watching tv or eating a cookie, just what you want to reward yourself with.

- Try talking your best friend or sister or mom or father or dog -the last one isn't that hard- into working out with you. Together is less boring and you can cheer eachother up -again, the last option won't acutally cheer you up that much- and when you tend to procrastinate, your buddy can cross the line for you and just drag you out of the house.

- Don't set your goal too high. Without achieving something, procrastinating your work outs gets easier.

There  are undoubtedly many more things people tend to procrastinate -ahum studying ahum-, but for now, my procrastinating time is over and I have to go have a date with my elliptical.

See you guys soon, have a great day!
Much love,

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