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Je suis alleé en l'Angleterre et c'était très formidable. Yes, wrong language. So, in case French is like Chinese -or maybe even worse- to you, I've been to London this weekend. And it was great. I will do a little update for you all. In addition, there will be an update on my student life as well. If you're interested, keep on reading! If not, go do something that makes you happy, because you completely deserve that smile on your face!

Our plane departed at 11.00, Fridaymorning. Yes, I missed some classes on Friday. No, I did not like that. But, sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. And, come on, the reason was great, right? So we had a comfortable trip there. Although I'm extremely afraid of flying and I was literally smushing my dad's hand the whole trip -which only lasted for 30 min, seriously, London is so close to the Netherlands-. When we arrived, we had to take the underground to the centre. And my dad bought us an Oyster card! This is the English equivalent to the Dutch OV-chipcard. I felt like a real British girl, instantly. Haha, no I'm kidding! But, it matched my nailpolish!

When we arrived at thhe hotel, my Swiss family hadn't arrived yet. So, my mom, dad and I went out to go for a quick lunch. We found a shop called Pret à Manger. Seriously, w to the ow. Everything's so fresh and it all looks so healthy and delicious and gosh, I loved it. I wish they had these shops in the Netherlands!
I chose some sort of yoghurt-salad with goji berries, pistachio's, cellary and grenola. Yum in my tum. I also added a chicken wrap with humus and spinach to my list. I never had something 'already  made' that tasted so amazingly fresh. Pret à Manger, recommendation! 

After a while my Swiss family came and we had a chat and a coffee and I had a conversation with my 8-year-old cousin about boys and glittery leggings! Considering she's anything but a girly-girl. She's so cute, though. She speaks 3 languages; Dutch, Swiss-German and English. Crazy. Smart little creeper.
So, my dad had to do some business related stuff and I wanted to study and write the introduction to my argumentative essay so we went to the hotelroom together and spent 2 hours over there. Yes. Did I like it? No. So, after this we had a walk along the Thames and met my mom and Swiss family. We walked -we have been walking a ton- to a Libanese restaurant. I had never eaten Libanese food before. I didn't take a picture because the lighting made the food look like.. well, not like food. I was not really my taste, but still, it was a fun time chatting with the family and just relaxing etc. 

The next we did the classic hop-on-hop-off bus tour! I'd been to London before, but this still does it's job. I was sitting next to my little cousin and we just drove around, saw things and learned stuff about what we saw. So educational. Anyways, we were lucky because it didn't rain at all! The weather was not that beautiful, but that was okay, no big deal. So, we hopped off at Oxford Street and quickly walked through to find something to eat. My mom had to literally hold my arm to make sure I wouldn't go in every shop I saw. Yes, that's how we roll. We had an amazing lunch at a small kind of pub-ish restaurant. They even made me fresh pineapple juice! If I'd be able to make it at home, I would probably 'drink' one pineapple a day. 

After our lovely lunch we rushed to Covent Garden, because we had tickets for the musical Lion King. When I was 11 or 12 years old, I've seen the  Dutch version and it definitely was and still is my favorite musical of all time. The music, the costumes, the story, everything. It was amazing! Afterwards we went to -seriously, London seems like Paris in my post- Le Pain Quotidien to have some tea. I ordered a green tea and they gave me a little pot! Loved it. It looked even more cute in real life!

And, because we all love food so much, we then went to find someplace to eat. We ended up walking for a very long time -again- and we ate at this British pub thing. I had fish and chips! Naughty me, I ate a lot of bad stuff in London, so I'm trying to get myself on my 'diet' again now that I'm back. And of course, it doesn't really work out te way I want it to. Sniff. So, the next day we had to check out from our hotel. My Swiss family went to do this guided walking tour. Of course, active as he is as a 60 year old, my dad joined them. My mom and I wanted to go shopping. But, there was a marathon. The bus couldn't bring us to Marble Arch, where Oxford Street starts. So, we had to walk. But, we couldn't find it. We were totally lost in Hyde Park and my mom got grumpy'er every step, because her feet hurted so so soo bad. I felt so sorry for her. Eventually, we ended up buying nothing and we just spent 1 hour at Oxford Street. We were not in the mood anymore after all this walking. We took the underground back to the hotel area again, had the final lunch with my Swiss family, got to the airport and we flew back home.

I had lots of fun. Nevertheless, I had a lot of stress in my head -can you say it like that?- due to my exams and all the deadlines and stuff. This week I'll be studying like crazy. Same for next week and the week after next week etc. My exams will be over in November, so you can expect me to blog a lot more by the time Novermber comes. I really enjoy going to school and I love the courses and everything, but it's a bit too much for me at the moment. I don't even have time to see Jim or my friends from highschool. Lucky for me, I have amazing new friends at school. It will get better, I suppose. 

I hope you liked reading this. I have to go soon, I have this guest lecture which starts at 16.30! 
I hope you all had an amazing weekend!


Sad side note; Demi from Refined Sense sent me a message that she won't be able to finish my lay-out. This is because she has a lot of schoolwork. I totally get it, but still I'm sad about it. I hope that I can or find someone else to help me, or I'll just keep it like this. 

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