Recommendation | Michael Prins

In case you're a dreamy person like me, and in case you like Singer Songwriters, you should definitely check out the first album of Michael Prins. In The Netherlands, we have a TV program that is called 'The best Singer Songwriter". This guy has won last season, and I think his music is very nice to listen to if you're just in a chillmood. Beware; it's all a bit sad. In addition, the album is called 'Rivertown Fairytales', so that can be a reason for the saddy-dreamy-ness. My favorite song of the album is "Hey Now Hey", because I fall in love with guitar intro's every single time. The song is just beautiful. At least, in my opinion. I hope you like it, and if not; no problem, we're all different and unique! I'll include a Youtube video of his first performance, the song called "Close to you". I remember being all teared-up when I heard this for the first time.


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