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New category alert! Because I'm nowhere near a fashion guru, I changed this catergory that is all about clothing and accessories into 'Stashion'. Stells and Fashion combined; my own unique style. Although, I think my 'style' is kind of generic. Can you say that? I know what generic means -I came to the point of not needing Google Translate anymore, little applause for me? No? Hm-. Anyways, take a look at what I would want to see in my wardrobe.

The first item in this category are sweaters! I love sweaters, but I don't have any? I just don't. It's a total crime. I always buy thin blouses or shirts -everything but winter proof- but I never tend to find sweaters that I really would like to wear. Most of the ones I try on are so itchy that I can do nothing else than quickly throw them back in the rack. Of course I never genuinly do that, but, figuratively.

These sweathers on the other hand, I absolutely love. If you want me to create an outfit with one of these, tell me. I used to do that, remember? I loved it. I can start doing it again, if that'd be appreciated. Or if I just want to. You know, I'm not a tree.

What is your favorite fall/winter item? Do you have any tips for me?


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