Update | Exams, introducing my new friends and a confession

Sweetest monkeys!

In case you read the post I posted earlier today -and deleted now-, I apologize for telling you that I'd stop blogging for a while. Let's just say that I didn't have a great day and my lovely period -sorry guys- made me say stupid, impulsive things. So, dear people out there on the internet; I am not thinking about stopping anymore. One of the bestest friends I have, and god does she know me, cheered me up and motivated me by promising me something that will be a big surprise for all of you the upcoming months!

So, let's just stick to the subject right now. Updating. The last few weeks I have been studying a ton. I put all of my energy and effort in it, and the results fortunately prove that. I have been studying communication, internal communication, intercultural communication, marketing and languagy proficiency -which means English-. I have good grades for all of them, except for intercultural communication because I didn't get my grade back yet. I also did a few big and important assignments, such as writing an essay about lifestyle branding -I am so extremely interested in that!-. Our teacher did not revise our work yet, so I'm still waiting for this grade as well. Exciting!

Because of the busy period, and for some other reasons, I did not blog at all. What I did do, was read a lot of other blogs. People inspire me so badly, but I'm scared to post things that are similar, because I don't want to copy anyone. But, these lovely bloggers inspire me a lot and I love reading about all sorts of things. The thing is; I am so jealous, because those girls always come up with the most inspiring and amazing topics. I would love to have such insights, but of course my brain doesn't want to be my friend on this one. Me and my brain, happily ever after.

Updating. Stell. Stick to the point. So yeah, my student life is going quite well. I have made the most amazing friends. I never showed you all a picture before, because I didn't know if they would approve that. But they told me they'd like it. So, here they are! Let me introduce the lovely Fabia, Astrid and Zuzka!

This was our first day of actually feeling like a little group, and I remember that I was so proud of this picture. I knew for sure that we would be great friends, and now, after 1,5 months, I can say that we really are. These girls make my every day. When I feel like not going to school, and I see their faces and we have a fun conversation in our breaks (e.g.) I am happy again. Thanks girls!

Nevertheless, I miss my 'old' friends like crazy. I will see them on the 15th, at least, most of them. Some friends are not in that 'group'. One of them is one of my bestest friends, who I haven't seen in more than 2 months. Anouk, if you're reading this; I really miss you! 

I'm chilling out on the couch right now, with my dad sitting next to me. I love having some time 'off'. Of course there's always stuff that needs to be done. But, I can indulge on some couch-time, right? And some blog-time, not to forget.

Updating. Yes. Hi there, back again. Focus. I don't know what to tell you, eh, I think I can tell you that I drink a lot of green tea and that Fabia is getting me into healthy eating and working out and getting muscle's so prepare, I'll be looking like a body buildster soon! HA. Fun.

So, this is it for now! I'll be posting other things when I feel like it. I'm not planning on getting my blog out there anymore. I'm doing this because I love to write and I'm not wanting to be the best. It doesn't have to be perfect. That's what this blog is all about; your unique, and sometimes imperfect, characteristics that make you you. And perfectionism is one of my characteristics, so I'll probably struggle with it all my life. But, as long as I try to not to succumb to it, I can call it kinda perfect!


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